Welcome to the new site! What’s up next for Vashon Percussion?

We’d like to welcome our community to the new website for Vashon Percussion. We are excited about the next steps of growth and the new experiences we are ready to share with our students.

Coming up this summer will be Drum Camp 21: July 18-23. We are pleased to announce that it will be the first year that Drum Camp students will get to march as a drum line in the Vashon Strawberry Festival Parade. Also new this year will be a master class with a surprise guest teacher – stay tuned to hear more as we get closer to camp!

After such a successful 20th year, the Vashon Percussion team is full of new energy to continue serving our community of young percussionists with the best opportunities we can provide. We’d like to thank all the support of the larger Vashon Percussion family and especially our students for making it all possible.

Here’s to the up and coming camp 21 and all that will follow.
~Todd Zimberg, Vashon Percussion Founder

Video by Charlie Choo, commemorating the celebration of Drum Camp 20.

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