Vashon Percussion

Vashon Percussion was founded in 1998 by Todd Zimberg. Beginning with Zimberg’s private teaching practice, it has grown into a family run business and the hub for youth percussion on Vashon Island. Offering seasonal workshops, group travel opportunities, private lessons, a teen drumline, and its annual summer Drum Camp, Vashon Percussion is a community built for young percussionists and teachers by Todd, his spouse Maggie Laird, and their daughter Chloë Zimberg.

Drum Camp brings students, ages 8-18, into the woods for either a day camp or week-long true camping experience and the unique opportunity to study percussion in a beautiful wooded environment.

Seasonal Workshops are offered for two days to students focusing on a unique technique.

BOSS DRUMMERS, the Vashon Percussion drumline, provides teens with the experience of learning and developing drum line cadences and the skill of marching.

Travel Todd Zimberg organizes travel opportunities every few years to various locations around the world for students to gain exposure and skill in non-western drumming traditions. Trips have previously been offered to Manaus, Brazil and Kumasi, Ghana.

Private Lessons are always available, year round, on a rolling basis. Students typically come once a week for a 1/2 hour or 1 hour session. Contact Vashon Percussion to inquire about signing up today!